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Driving Trends: A Comprehensive Analysis of Car Popularity and Vehicle Registrations in Malaysia 2023


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In Malaysia, owning a vehicle is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Whether it’s for daily commutes, long road trips, or simply enjoying the freedom of the open road, cars play a significant role in the lives of Malaysians. To gain insights into the dynamic automotive landscape of Malaysia, we delve into data from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to explore the popularity of different car makes and models and analyze vehicle registration trends. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the best-selling cars, car brands, and the broader vehicle registration landscape, offering valuable information to car enthusiasts and prospective buyers alike.

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The Malaysian Automotive Landscape

Malaysia boasts a diverse range of car makes and models, reflecting the preferences and needs of its residents. From compact hatchbacks to robust SUVs and elegant sedans, the Malaysian automotive market has something for everyone. To understand which cars are capturing the hearts of Malaysians, we’ll begin by exploring the best-selling car models and brands.

Best Selling Car Models

  1. Perodua Bezza – 56,735 registrations
  2. Perodua Myvi – 45,014 registrations
  3. Perodua Axia – 44,722 registrations
  4. Proton Saga – 44,696 registrations
  5. Perodua Alza – 23,390 registrations
  6. Perodua Ativa – 22,453 registrations
  7. Proton X50 – 22,294 registrations
  8. Honda City – 18,647 registrations
  9. Toyota Hilux – 17,148 registrations
  10. Proton Persona – 16,555 registrations

Unsurprisingly, Perodua, a well-known Malaysian automotive manufacturer, dominates the list of best-selling car models. The Perodua Bezza, Myvi, and Axia have claimed the top three spots, showcasing their popularity among Malaysian drivers. Proton, another prominent Malaysian carmaker, is also well-represented with the Proton Saga and Proton X50 securing spots in the top ten.

Best Selling Car Brands

  1. Perodua – 204,229 registrations
  2. Proton – 102,800 registrations
  3. Toyota – 83,086 registrations
  4. Honda – 49,528 registrations
  5. Mitsubishi – 14,970 registrations
  6. Mazda – 13,326 registrations
  7. Mercedes-Benz – 10,316 registrations
  8. BMW – 7,521 registrations
  9. Nissan – 6,360 registrations
  10. Isuzu – 6,289 registrations

Perodua maintains its dominance in the list of best-selling car brands, with over 200,000 registrations. Proton follows closely in second place, underscoring the strong presence of homegrown car manufacturers in Malaysia. The list also includes popular international brands like Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz, demonstrating the diverse range of choices available to Malaysian consumers.

Popularity Over the Years

To gain a deeper understanding of the popularity of specific car models, let’s take a closer look at the Perodua Myvi, a beloved choice among Malaysians.

Perodua Myvi: Popularity over the Years

Perodua Myvi
  • This Year: 45,014 registrations
  • Past 5 Years: 315,663 registrations
  • Since 2000: 1,388,921 registrations

The Perodua Myvi has consistently been a top choice for Malaysian drivers. With over 45,000 registrations in the current year, it remains a strong contender. Over the past five years, an impressive 315,663 Myvis have been registered, highlighting its enduring appeal. Since the turn of the century, a staggering 1,388,921 Myvis have hit the road, cementing its status as an iconic Malaysian car.

Vehicle Registrations Trends

Now that we’ve explored the popularity of specific car models and brands, let’s shift our focus to broader vehicle registration trends in Malaysia. It’s essential to understand how the automotive landscape is evolving in terms of the types of vehicles being registered.

Cars (including MPVs, Jeeps, and Trucks)

  • This Year: +526,454 registrations
  • All-Time: 13,359,749 registrations

Cars, including multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), jeeps, and trucks, continue to dominate the Malaysian roadscape. In the current year alone, an astonishing 526,454 cars have been registered, contributing to a total of 13,359,749 car registrations to date. This trend suggests that cars remain the primary mode of transportation for Malaysians.


  • This Year: +447,428 registrations
  • All-Time: 11,514,742 registrations

Motorcycles hold a significant place in Malaysia’s transportation ecosystem. With an additional 447,428 motorcycle registrations this year, the total number of registered motorcycles stands at 11,514,742. Motorcycles provide a convenient and efficient mode of transport, particularly in urban areas.


  • This Year: +16,080 registrations
  • All-Time: 526,794 registrations

Lorries, often vital for transportation and logistics, have seen an increase of 16,080 registrations in the current year. The total number of registered lorries now stands at 526,794, reflecting the essential role they play in Malaysia’s economy.


  • This Year: +2,534 registrations
  • All-Time: 78,337 registrations

Vans, favored by businesses for various purposes, have seen a modest increase of 2,534 registrations this year. While the numbers are relatively smaller compared to other vehicle types, vans remain crucial for cargo transportation and small businesses.


  • This Year: +311 registrations
  • All-Time: 27,440 registrations

Buses, essential for public transportation and school services, have seen a modest increase of 311 registrations in the current year. The total number of registered buses is 27,440, highlighting their significance in providing mobility solutions across the country.

Other Vehicles (Tractors, Trailers, etc.)

  • This Year: +18,949 registrations
  • All-Time: 565,483 registrations

Lastly, other vehicles, including tractors and trailers, have witnessed a notable increase of 18,949 registrations this year. These specialized vehicles play critical roles in agriculture, construction, and logistics.

Source: Malaysia’s Official Open Data Portal


The data from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) paints a vivid picture of Malaysia’s automotive landscape. Perodua and Proton, two prominent Malaysian car manufacturers, continue to lead the way in terms of car popularity, with the Perodua Myvi and Bezza taking the top spots. Moreover, the broader vehicle registration trends indicate that cars, motorcycles, lorries, vans, buses, and specialized vehicles all have their place in Malaysia’s transportation ecosystem.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast seeking the latest trends or a prospective buyer looking for insights into the Malaysian automotive market, this data offers valuable information. It not only showcases the most popular car models and brands but also provides a comprehensive view of the vehicles that populate Malaysia’s roads.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, these insights will help shape decisions and strategies for manufacturers, policymakers, and individuals seeking to navigate the exciting and ever-changing world of Malaysian transportation.

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