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The All-New Proton S70 Sedan: Variants, Specs, and Features Comparison


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Proton, a renowned Malaysian automobile manufacturer, has officially introduced its latest addition to the sedan lineup, the Proton S70. Replacing the speculated Proton S50, the S70 is set to make waves in the C-segment sedan market. With four distinct variants and a range of impressive features, it promises to be a game-changer in the Malaysian automotive industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifications, trim levels, and notable features of the Proton S70.

The Proton S70 Variants

Proton offers four exciting variants of the S70 sedan:

  1. Proton S70 1.5T Executive
  2. Proton S70 1.5T Premium
  3. Proton S70 1.5T Flagship
  4. Proton S70 1.5T Flagship X

Engine and Transmission

The Proton S70, built upon the Geely Emgrand platform, boasts a powerful turbocharged 1.5 L 3-cylinder engine. This is a departure from the Geely Emgrand’s naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine. The S70’s engine is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), providing a smooth and efficient driving experience. The 1.5T engine generates 150 PS and 226 Nm of torque, ensuring ample power for a sedan of its size.

Engine TypeTurbocharged 1.5 L 3-cylinder
Transmission Type7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT)
Engine Power (PS)150 PS
Torque (Nm)226 Nm
PlatformGeely Emgrand platform
Driving ExperienceSmooth and efficient

Let’s explore each variant in more detail

Proton S70 Specifications
Proton S70 Specifications

Proton S70 1.5T Executive

The base model, 1.5T Executive, is equipped with essential features, including 16-inch alloy rims, halogen headlamps, a 3.25-inch monochrome meter display, and an 8-inch integrated Linux-based head unit. However, it’s worth noting that the infotainment system in this variant lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Safety is a priority with six airbags, ABS, brake assist, electronic stability control, traction control, hill hold assist, rear cross-traffic alert, rear collision warning, door opening warning, and lane change assist.

Proton S70 1.5T Executive Features:


  • 16-inch alloy rims
  • Halogen headlamps


  • 3.25-inch monochrome meter display
  • 8-inch integrated Linux-based head unit (lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity)

Safety Features:

  • Six airbags
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • Brake assist
  • Electronic stability control
  • Traction control
  • Hill hold assist
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Rear collision warning
  • Door opening warning
  • Lane change assist

Proton S70 1.5T Premium

Stepping up to the Premium variant, you’ll enjoy additional luxuries such as auto air conditioning with rear vents, a rear tail lamp bar, auto headlamps, and a leatherette interior. Safety is enhanced with the addition of a reverse camera and front and rear parking sensors.

Proton S70 1.5T Premium Features:

Luxury and Comfort:

  • Auto air conditioning with rear vents
  • Rear tail lamp bar
  • Auto headlamps
  • Interior with leatherette material

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Reverse camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors

This list highlights the additional comfort and safety features that come with the Proton S70 1.5T Premium variant, making it easy to understand the upgrades when compared to the base model.

Proton S70 1.5T Flagship & Flagship X

The Flagship variant offers a premium experience with 17-inch alloy rims, an inductive trunk that opens with a foot swipe, a powered driver seat, and a stunning 10.25-inch TFT infotainment display with a 1,920 x 720 screen resolution. Voice command and a wireless charger are also included. Safety features are further bolstered with a tire pressure monitoring system and Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which includes lane departure warning, lane departure prevention, adaptive cruise control, intelligent cruise control, traffic sign information, and intelligent high beam control.

The Flagship X variant includes all the features of the Flagship, with the addition of a sunroof for an enhanced driving experience.

Proton S70 1.5T Flagship Features:


  • 17-inch alloy rims
  • Inductive trunk with foot swipe opening


  • Powered driver seat
  • 10.25-inch TFT infotainment display with 1,920 x 720 screen resolution
  • Voice command
  • Wireless charger

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) including:
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane departure prevention
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Intelligent cruise control
  • Traffic sign information
  • Intelligent high beam control

Proton S70 1.5T Flagship X Features (In addition to Flagship):

Enhanced Comfort:

  • Sunroof for an enhanced driving experience

This list provides a clear and concise overview of the features and enhancements included in the Proton S70 1.5T Flagship and Flagship X variants, making it easy to understand the differences between these premium models.

Proton S70 Colors

Proton S70 Colours
Proton S70 Colours

The Proton S70 offers a range of elegant color options to suit your style and preferences. Depending on the variant, you can choose from a selection of colors, each adding a unique touch to your vehicle.

Here are the available color options for each Proton S70 variant:

Proton S70 1.5 Turbo Executive (AT):

  • Solid White
  • Space Grey

Proton S70 1.5 Turbo Premium (AT):

  • Solid White
  • Armour Silver
  • Space Grey

Proton S70 1.5 Turbo Flagship (AT):

  • Solid White
  • Armour Silver
  • Space Grey
  • Deep Marine Blue
  • Teal Bayou Green
  • Solid Passion Red

Proton S70 1.5 Turbo Flagship X (AT):

  • Solid White
  • Space Grey
  • Deep Marine Blue
  • Teal Bayou Green
  • Quarts Black

Proton S70 Variants Comparison

This table summarizes the extensive features and specifications of the Proton S70 variants, making it easier for potential buyers to compare and understand the differences between these models.

SpecificationsS70 1.5T ExecutiveS70 1.5T PremiumS70 1.5T FlagshipS70 1.5T Flagship X
– Alloy Rims16-inch16-inch17-inch17-inch
– HeadlampsHalogenLEDLEDLED
– Inductive Trunk (Foot Swipe Opening)YesYes
– Push Start Button & Smart EntryYesYesYesYes
– USB Port5555
– Speaker4444
– Powered Driver SeatYesYes
– Voice CommandYesYes
– Wireless ChargerYesYes
– SunroofYes
– Display3.25-inch Monochrome Meter Display3.25-inch Monochrome Meter Display3.25-inch Monochrome Meter Display3.25-inch Monochrome Meter Display
– Head Unit8-inch (1024 x 600 Resolution) Integrated Linux-Based8-inch (1024 x 600 Resolution) Integrated Linux-Based10.25-inch TFT (1,920 x 720 Resolution) Android + Atlas10.25-inch TFT (1,920 x 720 Resolution) Android + Atlas
Safety Features
– Airbags6666
– ABSYesYesYesYes
– Brake AssistYesYesYesYes
– Electronic Stability ControlYesYesYesYes
– Traction ControlYesYesYesYes
– Hill Hold AssistYesYesYesYes
– Rear Cross-Traffic AlertYesYesYesYes
– Rear Collision WarningYesYesYesYes
– Door Opening WarningYesYesYesYes
– Lane Change AssistYesYesYesYes
– Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemYesYes
– Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)YesYes
– Lane Departure WarningYesYes
– Lane Departure PreventionYesYes
– Adaptive Cruise ControlYesYes
– Intelligent Cruise ControlYesYes
– Traffic Sign InformationYesYes
– Intelligent High Beam ControlYesYes
– Reverse CameraYesYesYes
– Parking SensorsYesFront & RearFront & RearFront & Rear
– 360 CameraYesYes
Luxury and Comfort
– Auto Air ConditioningYes (without Rear Vents)Yes (with Rear Vents)Yes (without Rear Vents)Yes (without Rear Vents)
– Rear Tail Lamp BarYesYesYes
– Auto HeadlampsYesYesYes
– Interior MaterialFabricLeatheretteLeatheretteLeatherette
Snow White (Solid)YesYesYesYes
Armour SilverYesYesYes
Space GreyYesYesYesYes
Deep Marine BlueYesYes
Teal Bayou GreenYesYes
Passion Red (Solid)Yes
Quartz BlackYes
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Proton S70 Price 2023

Proton S70

The Price for Proton S70 starts from RM75,912.14 to RM97,433.00. Meanwhile, monthly payments range from as low as RM766 to RM983.

Here are the latest prices for Proton S70, including insurance and road tax, for Peninsular Malaysia. The monthly installment estimates for the S70 below are based on a 2.34% bank interest rate.

  • S70 1.5 Turbo Executive: RM75,912.14
  • S70 1.5 Turbo Premium: RM82,060.95
  • S70 1.5 Turbo Flagship: RM92,309.00
  • S70 1.5 Turbo Flagship X: RM97,433.00

Proton S70 Booking

Proton S70 - Book Now

You can make a reservation with a payment of RM500. Click button below to connect with our friendly SA (Sales Advisor). He will contact you as soon as possible.


With its impressive range of variants and features, the Proton S70 is poised to make a significant impact in the Malaysian sedan market. Proton’s commitment to safety and innovation is evident in the inclusion of advanced driver assistance systems, making the S70 a compelling choice for those seeking a modern and stylish sedan. As it enters the market, the Proton S70 is sure to create excitement and anticipation among car enthusiasts. Are you ready to experience the future of Malaysian sedans with the Proton S70?

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