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Proton Continues Strong Sales Growth in September 2023


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In a recent announcement, Malaysia’s national car manufacturer, Proton, revealed its impressive sales performance for the month of September 2023. The company’s sales have been on a steady rise throughout the year, showcasing robust growth in the automotive industry. Let’s delve into the details of Proton’s September sales and what this means for the company moving forward.

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Steady Growth Throughout 2023

Proton reported an additional 12,230 units sold in September, a combination of domestic and export sales. This brings their total sales for the first three quarters of 2023 to a remarkable 116,832 units. This figure represents a significant increase of 14.1% compared to the same period in 2022. Proton’s performance in 2023 sets the stage for an ambitious goal to surpass last year’s total sales of 141,432 units, with the final push expected in the fourth quarter.

Outpacing the Market

While Proton’s sales in September dipped slightly compared to August, it’s essential to note that the entire industry saw a decrease, with the total industry volume (TIV) falling below the 70,000-unit mark. However, Proton continues to outperform the market, maintaining a lead of more than 3.7% in sales growth compared to the industry. Furthermore, the company’s market share has increased to 20.5%, up by 0.7% from the previous year.

Popular Models Driving Success

Proton’s success can be attributed to several popular models that continue to lead their respective segments. The Proton Persona, a B-segment sedan, remains a top choice for buyers, with 2,053 units sold in September. The Persona has proven to be a reliable family sedan, offering a combination of connectivity, safety, functionality, and premium design.

The Proton X90, a premium family SUV featuring mild-hybrid technology, has also garnered attention from buyers. Despite a minor production delay due to a service update, it has remained the sales leader in the D-segment SUV market.

Proton’s other segment leaders include the Proton X50 and the Proton Exora. The former, a B-segment SUV, sold 2,210 units in September, solidifying its position as the best-selling vehicle in its category. The Proton Exora, a C-segment MPV, continues to dominate its segment as it approaches the end of its production run.

Additionally, the Proton Saga, an A-segment sedan, and the Proton Iriz, a B-segment hatchback, have seen significant sales increases, further contributing to Proton’s overall success.

Proton’s Individual Model Performance in September 2023

Proton, Malaysia’s national car manufacturer, has released its individual model performance for September 2023, shedding light on the standout performers that continue to drive the company’s success. Let’s take a closer look at the impressive sales achievements of Proton’s models during this period:

ModelNo of units soldTotal Sales 2023Sales achievement for the month
Saga5,64851,4842nd highest volume A-segment sedan
Persona2,05318,6142nd highest volume B-segment sedan
Exora3673,517Highest volume C-segment MPV
Iriz6826,0443rd highest volume B-segment hatchback
X707798,7782nd highest volume C-segment SUV
X502,21024,960Highest volume B-segment SUV
X904913,435Highest volume D-segment SUV

Key Takeaways:

1. Proton Saga: The Proton Saga, an A-segment sedan, continues to impress with 5,648 units sold in September. Its YTD figure of 51,484 units reflects a substantial increase of 26.8% over the previous year.

2. Proton Persona: The Proton Persona, a B-segment sedan, achieved sales of 2,053 units in September. With a YTD total of 18,614 units, it maintains its position as the 2nd highest volume B-segment sedan.

3. Proton Exora: The Proton Exora, a C-segment MPV, secured 367 units in September, solidifying its status as the highest volume C-segment MPV.

4. Proton Iriz: The Proton Iriz, a B-segment hatchback, recorded 682 units in September, making it the 3rd highest volume B-segment hatchback. Its YTD total stands at 6,044 units, a significant improvement of 44.8%.

5. Proton X70: With 779 units sold in September, the Proton X70, a C-segment SUV, takes its place as the 2nd highest volume in its segment. Cumulatively, it has reached 8,778 units.

6. Proton X50: The Proton X50, a B-segment SUV, continues its dominance with 2,210 units sold in September. It remains the highest volume B-segment SUV, with a YTD total of 24,960 units.

7. Proton X90: Although facing a minor delay in production due to a service update, the Proton X90, a D-segment SUV with mild-hybrid technology, achieved 491 units in September. It is the highest volume D-segment SUV, with a YTD total of 3,435 units.

These impressive sales figures for Proton’s individual models underscore the company’s ability to cater to diverse market segments, making them a significant player in the automotive industry. Proton’s commitment to technology, value, and innovation continues to drive its growth and popularity among consumers in Malaysia and beyond. With a strong lineup and promising developments in the pipeline, Proton appears poised for further success in the automotive market.

Looking Ahead

Proton’s Chief Executive Officer, Roslan Abdullah, expressed optimism about the company’s future. Despite a quieter month in the automotive industry in September, he attributed Proton’s ongoing success to the combination of technology and value offered by its models. He highlighted the Proton X50’s continued dominance in the B-segment SUV market and the Proton Persona’s resurgence in 2023.

With new updates and model introductions in the pipeline, Proton aims to solidify its position as one of the leading automotive brands in the region. The company’s strong baseline in 2023 sets the stage for further growth and success in the coming years.

In conclusion, Proton’s September 2023 sales figures underscore the company’s resilience and success in a challenging market. With a portfolio of popular and competitive models, Proton is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory and maintain its status as a prominent player in the automotive industry.

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