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Proton X90: A Triumph in Brunei’s Automotive Landscape


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Introduction: A New Era in Brunei’s Automotive Scene

In a bold move that has set the automotive world abuzz, Proton has recently unveiled its flagship SUV, the Proton X90, in the picturesque Southeast Asian nation of Brunei. This momentous occasion marks the third international market to embrace the latest addition to Proton’s lineup, following the successful launches in Mauritius and South Africa. The Proton X90, which is based on the renowned Geely platform, brings a new dimension to the SUV market in Brunei.

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With the automotive industry constantly evolving, the introduction of the Proton X90 in Brunei is more than just a product launch; it represents a significant milestone in Proton’s global expansion strategy. As the Malaysian automaker looks beyond its home turf, it seeks to make inroads into diverse markets while delivering quality and innovation. In this comprehensive exploration of the Proton X90’s Brunei launch, we delve deep into the details, uncover the strategies, and answer key questions surrounding this groundbreaking event.

The Proton X90 in Brunei: An Overview

The Variants and Price Points

In Brunei, the Proton X90 is making waves with its diverse lineup, offering four distinct variants to cater to a broad spectrum of consumers. The starting price for the Proton X90 in Brunei is set at 35,000 Brunei dollars (equivalent to RM120,000). At the upper end of the spectrum lies the Flagship variant, commanding a price of BND 42,000, which translates to RM144,000. This price range reflects Proton’s strategy of providing options that cater to different budget constraints and preferences.

A Record-Breaking Month for Proton

August marked a historic milestone for Proton in Brunei as the company recorded its best-ever month for sales in the country. For the first time, Proton saw more than 100 units of vehicles registered in a single month, a testament to the growing popularity of the brand and the Proton X90’s allure among Bruneian consumers. This achievement highlights the success of Proton’s foray into the Bruneian market, and it signals a promising future for the brand’s expansion efforts.

Proton’s Commitment to Global Expansion

Navigating Challenging Economic Times

While economic uncertainties have loomed large in recent times, Proton has demonstrated unwavering commitment to its global expansion endeavors. The decision to launch the Proton X90 in Brunei, just three months after its debut in Malaysia, underscores the brand’s determination to establish a strong presence in international markets. Steven Xu, the director of international sales for Proton, emphasized the strategic importance of this move, saying, “We view this as an investment in our future, as we position ourselves to take advantage of improved market conditions in the future.”

Exploring New Horizons

Proton’s ambitions extend beyond the shores of Brunei, with the company actively exploring opportunities in various other markets. While the road to global expansion is fraught with challenges, Proton is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of growth. Groundwork is already underway in countries such as Fiji, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Iraq, among others. These endeavors mark Proton’s commitment to becoming a global automotive player, diversifying its presence across continents and cultures.

Challenges in Pakistan: A Contrast to Success in Brunei

The Pakistani Conundrum

While Proton celebrates its achievements in Brunei, the company faces a contrasting scenario in Pakistan. Troubling times have beset Proton’s operations in Pakistan, where four authorized dealerships recently parted ways with the Malaysian automaker and its local partner. The reason behind this discord was Proton’s failure to deliver vehicles that had been booked by customers for over two years.

The Unfulfilled Promises

Proton’s entry into the Pakistani market saw the launch of the X90 SUV in December 2020 and the Saga in April 2021. However, the shadow of unfulfilled promises looms large as the brand struggles to deliver the units that were booked more than two years ago. This situation not only tarnishes Proton’s reputation but also raises concerns about the company’s ability to meet customer expectations and fulfill its commitments.

A Ray of Hope Amidst Challenges

The X90’s International Appeal

Despite the challenges faced in Pakistan, the Proton X90’s international appeal remains undeniable. Its success in Brunei and other export markets underscores its ability to resonate with consumers worldwide. With a combination of sleek design, advanced features, and competitive pricing, the X90 has the potential to become a global contender in the SUV segment.

Proton’s Pledge to Improve

Proton acknowledges the difficulties it has encountered in its export business but remains steadfast in its commitment to growth and customer satisfaction. The company’s focus on enhancing its operations and addressing customer concerns is a positive sign of its determination to learn from past experiences and improve its standing in various markets.

A Table Breakdown

Let’s take a closer look at the Proton X90’s specifications and features in a detailed table breakdown:

VariantPrice (BND)Price (RM)Key Features
Standard35,000120,000– Advanced safety features
Premium38,000130,000– Premium interior materials
Executive40,000137,000– Infotainment system with touchscreen
Flagship42,000144,000– Top-of-the-line features, including panoramic sunroof

This breakdown provides a clear overview of the Proton X90’s pricing and key features, helping potential buyers make an informed decision based on their preferences and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets the Proton X90 apart from other SUVs in Brunei?

Answer: The Proton X90 distinguishes itself with its competitive pricing, advanced safety features, and a range of variants to cater to different customer preferences.

Are there plans to expand the Proton X90’s availability to other countries in Southeast Asia?

Answer: While Proton is actively exploring new markets, specific expansion plans may vary by region. The company’s focus is on establishing a strong presence in key markets while evaluating opportunities in others.

How does the Proton X90 compare to its competitors in terms of fuel efficiency?

Answer: The Proton X90 is designed with fuel efficiency in mind, offering competitive mileage figures that make it a cost-effective choice for consumers.

What measures is Proton taking to address the delivery delays in Pakistan?

Answer: Proton is committed to resolving the delivery issues in Pakistan and is working closely with its local partners to expedite the delivery of booked units and improve customer satisfaction.

Does Proton offer any after-sales services in Brunei?

Answer: Yes, Proton provides after-sales services, including maintenance and support, to ensure a positive ownership experience for customers in Brunei.

Conclusion: A Triumph in Brunei, A Lesson for the World

The launch of the Proton X90 in Brunei signifies not only the arrival of a remarkable SUV but also the dawn of a new era in Proton’s global expansion journey. While challenges persist in certain markets, Proton’s resolute commitment to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction shines through. The Proton X90’s success in Brunei serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the brand’s ability to capture the hearts of consumers across borders.

As Proton continues to explore opportunities in diverse markets and works diligently to overcome obstacles, it is clear that this Malaysian automaker is poised for a promising future on the global stage. The Proton X90’s journey in Brunei is just one chapter in a much larger narrative, and it leaves us eagerly anticipating the next thrilling installment in Proton’s quest for excellence.

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