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Perodua Sungai Bakap, Taman Mount Austin: New Perodua 3S Outlets in Johor and Penang


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In the dynamic world of automotive industry developments, there is a constant push for innovation, service excellence, and convenience. Perodua, the renowned Malaysian car manufacturer, has unveiled two new 3S (Sales, Service, and Spare Parts) outlets that are set to redefine the customer experience in Pulau Pinang and Johor. These state-of-the-art establishments, Perodua Sungai Bakap and Perodua Taman Mount Austin, have sent ripples of excitement throughout the automotive landscape. In this exposé, we take a closer look at the offerings of these new 3S outlets and the impact they are poised to have.

The Perodua 3S Outlets Unveiled

Perodua Buka Pusat 3S Baru

Perodua, the Malaysian automotive manufacturer with a legacy of providing reliable and affordable cars, has expanded its reach with two new 3S outlets. The Perodua Sungai Bakap, Pulau Pinang, and Perodua Taman Mount Austin, Johor outlets have made their mark by offering a comprehensive range of services to cater to the needs of both current and prospective Perodua car owners.

These 3S outlets are strategically positioned to offer an array of services that span from sales to after-sales support. Here’s a closer look at what these outlets bring to the table and the potential they hold in enhancing the customer experience in the automotive sector.

Perodua Sungai Bakap, Pulau Pinang

Dealer NameAddress
Sarinani Motors Sdn. Bhd.No. 3, Lorong Valdor Jaya 2, Taman Perindustrian Valdor Jaya, 14200 Sungai Bakap, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang.

Nestled in the picturesque region of Pulau Pinang, Perodua Sungai Bakap stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to reaching out to customers in every corner of Malaysia. This 3S outlet is a joint venture between Perodua and Sarinani Motors Sdn. Bhd., and it boasts a stunning location that is sure to entice automotive enthusiasts in the region.

The Perodua Sungai Bakap outlet offers a wide array of services to meet the needs of both existing and potential Perodua customers. Whether you’re in the market for a new Perodua vehicle, require maintenance and servicing, or need genuine spare parts, this outlet has you covered.

The Sales department is designed to provide customers with a showroom experience that showcases the latest Perodua models. From the popular Myvi to the versatile Aruz, customers can explore the full range of Perodua vehicles, get expert advice from trained sales personnel, and even schedule test drives to get a feel for their dream car.

The Service department is staffed with skilled technicians and equipped with advanced tools and technology to ensure that your Perodua vehicle receives top-notch maintenance and repairs. From routine servicing to complex repairs, you can trust your car with the experts at Perodua Sungai Bakap.

But what truly sets this 3S outlet apart is its Spare Parts department. It stocks a comprehensive inventory of genuine Perodua spare parts, ensuring that your car receives authentic components that maintain its performance and safety. This commitment to authenticity and quality is what Perodua has been renowned for, and it’s heartening to see it upheld at this new outlet.

In addition to these primary services, Perodua Sungai Bakap also offers various amenities to enhance the customer experience. You can expect a comfortable customer lounge, where you can relax while your car is being serviced. There’s also a dedicated area for kids to keep young ones entertained while you tend to your automotive needs.

With its strategic location and full suite of services, Perodua Sungai Bakap is bound to be a game-changer in the Pulau Pinang automotive landscape. It not only caters to existing Perodua owners but also aims to capture the hearts of new customers who are seeking quality, reliability, and affordability in their automotive choices.

Perodua Taman Mount Austin, Johor

Dealer NameAddress
Hung Tian Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.NO.1, Jalan Kencana Emas 2/2, Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau 3, 81100 Johor Bahru.

Johor, known for its vibrant economy and bustling urban life, is now home to the new Perodua 3S outlet – Taman Mount Austin. This establishment is a collaboration between Perodua and Hung Tian Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., and it’s poised to be a significant addition to the automotive landscape in Johor.

Perodua Taman Mount Austin is a one-stop destination for all your Perodua automotive needs. Whether you’re a current Perodua owner or considering becoming one, this outlet offers a wide range of services and facilities to cater to your requirements.

The Sales department showcases the latest Perodua models, allowing customers to explore the features and benefits of each vehicle. From compact cars like the Axia to the practical Bezza, this showroom has it all. The sales team is well-versed in the features and specifications of each model, and they are ready to assist customers in making informed decisions about their purchase.

The Service department at Perodua Taman Mount Austin is staffed with a team of highly trained technicians who are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment. This ensures that your Perodua vehicle receives top-quality maintenance and repairs. From routine servicing to more complex repairs, your car is in capable hands.

In addition to sales and service, the Spare Parts department at this outlet is a standout feature. They stock an extensive range of genuine Perodua spare parts, ensuring that your vehicle gets the authentic components it deserves. This is crucial for maintaining the performance, safety, and longevity of your car.

Perodua Taman Mount Austin goes the extra mile to enhance the customer experience. The outlet boasts a comfortable customer lounge where you can relax while your car is being serviced. For families, there’s a dedicated kids’ area to keep the little ones entertained, making your visit to the outlet a hassle-free experience.

With its strategic location in Johor, Perodua Taman Mount Austin aims to cater to the diverse needs of both urban and suburban customers. This 3S outlet reflects Perodua’s commitment to providing top-notch services and products to Malaysians across the nation.

The Perodua Promise: Quality, Affordability, and Convenience

Perodua, with its commitment to providing quality,

affordable, and reliable vehicles, has carved a niche for itself in the Malaysian automotive industry. The brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction is clearly reflected in its network of 3S outlets. These outlets are strategically positioned to ensure that customers have easy access to the brand’s products and services.

The “3S” concept – Sales, Service, and Spare Parts – is central to Perodua’s approach. It’s about more than just selling cars; it’s about creating an end-to-end automotive experience that is unrivaled in terms of quality and convenience.

Sales is the first and most visible part of the Perodua experience. The sales department offers customers the opportunity to explore the brand’s latest models, get expert advice from knowledgeable staff, and even schedule test drives to get a feel for the vehicles. Perodua prides itself on its range of models, which cater to different needs and preferences, from compact and fuel-efficient cars to more spacious and versatile options. The sales teams at Perodua 3S outlets are well-trained to guide customers in making the right choice, ensuring that they drive away with a vehicle that suits their needs and lifestyle.

Service is the backbone of any car ownership experience, and Perodua is committed to ensuring that its customers receive the best care for their vehicles. The service departments in Perodua 3S outlets are equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide top-notch maintenance and repair services. Whether it’s a routine service or a more complex repair, customers can trust that their vehicles are in capable hands. Timely and expert servicing not only ensures the longevity of the vehicle but also maintains its performance and safety, crucial aspects for any car owner.

Spare Parts play a pivotal role in maintaining the authenticity and quality of a vehicle. The 3S outlets stock a comprehensive inventory of genuine Perodua spare parts, ensuring that customers’ cars receive components that are engineered to meet the brand’s rigorous standards. This commitment to authenticity and quality is what sets Perodua apart in the market. Using genuine spare parts is not only a matter of maintaining a vehicle’s performance but also its safety and reliability.

However, the Perodua 3S outlets don’t just stop at the basics. They go above and beyond to create a customer experience that is unmatched. Comfortable customer lounges are available for those waiting while their cars are being serviced. This ensures that customers can relax in a pleasant environment, making their visit to the outlet a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. For families with children, dedicated kids’ areas are also a part of the setup, making it convenient for parents to handle their automotive needs while keeping their little ones entertained.

The commitment to providing customers with a comprehensive and satisfying experience reflects Perodua’s promise to be more than just a car manufacturer. The brand is dedicated to being a trusted partner on the road, ensuring that the journey of its customers is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Perodua’s Vision for the Malaysian Automotive Landscape

Perodua’s expansion with the introduction of new 3S outlets in Pulau Pinang and Johor reflects a broader vision for the Malaysian automotive landscape. The brand has long been a symbol of quality, affordability, and reliability, and these outlets are a testament to their ongoing commitment to these principles.

As we delve deeper into Perodua’s strategy, it becomes evident that these outlets are not just about selling cars and offering services but about establishing a lasting connection with the customers. It’s about forging trust and delivering a level of customer satisfaction that’s second to none. Perodua aims to not just meet but exceed the expectations of its customers, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that ensures a seamless and enriching automotive experience.

In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, marked by technological advancements and evolving customer preferences, Perodua has consistently adapted and innovated to remain relevant. The introduction of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid technology, and a commitment to sustainability are just a few examples of how Perodua is embracing the future.

Furthermore, the brand’s dedication to community involvement, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable practices in its manufacturing processes reflects a broader commitment to societal well-being and environmental preservation. This holistic approach underscores Perodua’s vision for a brighter and more sustainable automotive future in Malaysia.

With the addition of these two new 3S outlets, Perodua aims to ensure that every Malaysian, regardless of their location, has access to the brand’s quality vehicles and services. The brand envisions being the go-to choice for Malaysians seeking not only reliable and affordable cars but also a comprehensive automotive partner that they can trust and rely on.

The Road Ahead

As we conclude our deep dive into the new Perodua 3S outlets in Pulau Pinang and Johor, it’s evident that Perodua is not just a car manufacturer; it’s a provider of comprehensive automotive solutions and a trusted partner on the road. The brand’s dedication to quality, affordability, and reliability is unwavering, and its commitment to customer satisfaction is at the core of everything it does.

These new 3S outlets are more than just physical locations; they represent Perodua’s promise to deliver a superior automotive experience to its customers. They are a testament to the brand’s continuous evolution and adaptation to meet the changing needs and preferences of the Malaysian automotive landscape.

Perodua’s vision extends beyond selling cars; it’s about being a part of the journey of every Malaysian. With innovation, sustainability, and community engagement at the forefront of their strategy, Perodua is not just keeping pace with the changing times but leading the way towards a brighter and more sustainable automotive future.

So, whether you’re in Pulau Pinang or Johor, the new Perodua 3S outlets are there to welcome you with open arms. They are a testament to Perodua’s commitment to creating a customer experience that is second to none, and they are an essential part of the brand’s vision for the future of the Malaysian automotive landscape. The road ahead is paved with quality, affordability, and trust, and Perodua is leading the way.

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